Essential Oils for Physical Fitness

taught by Melanie Galioto

Melanie Galioto
Melanie Galioto

I was introduced to essential oils back in 2008 when I was studying to become a certified holistic health coach, I was also pregnant at the time.

I loved the way oils could ease my nausea, uplift me, ground me, or ease my worries without putting any harmful chemicals into my or my baby's body. I was hooked.

When my husband died suddenly in 2010, oil became the go to for emotional support and healing for me and my girls. We loved using Console, Cheer, and Serenity blends to help with grief, negative emotions, and promote restful sleep, respectfully.

Now, we use oils all of the time! We diffuse them to help with mood management - Motivate, Peace - and to focus on work and school - Intune, and we absolutely LOVE OnGuard for all of those pesky seasonal events. 

Oils have become such a big part of our lives that I even use them in my yoga and coaching practice.